Summit School Unveils New Brand via Pep Rally

May 3, 2018

Every Wednesday morning …

… all the students and faculty on the Summit School campus convene at their all school meeting. It’s usually filled with announcements, presentations, and the like but the morning of Wednesday, May 2, 2018 was different. It was special. On this day, Summit School celebrated the launch of their new brand through song, cheers, and hundreds of students and faculty proudly wearing their new look. I’ll admit, it was the first time one of our clients has announced their new brand and website via pep rally and with the use of cheerleaders. It was awesome.

The Process

Getting to Know Summit

Rebranding a school is a big and difficult undertaking. There’s no way around it (if you do it right). And it would have been an even tougher task had we not gotten to know the school before we ever went to the drawing board (more accurately, the computer screen). We sat down with some key Summit personnel for a good five to six hours and talked through values, personalities, demographics, and goals. This gave us a great sense of who Summit is and where the school wants to go. It also informed our design choices and helped us give purpose behind each decision we made during the design process.

The Visuals

After getting a good feel for what Summit School is all about, it was time to put pen to paper, cursor to screen, and start designing. We had three main visual facets to deliver: the logo, the color palette, and the fonts. Because I know you don’t want to read through paragraphs and paragraphs on how this whole process played out, I’ll summarize everything by saying we ended up going through ten rounds of visual concepts before finally landing it. Yes, ten rounds of revisions is a lot but our whole process is built around making our clients look their best. And you can’t look your best if you stop refining and polishing something prematurely.

summit school

School Logo

We wanted to stick closely the school’s heritage so we took the frame of a mountain range and crafted it into an “S” to allude to the school’s name. This gives the school a bold, clean, and fresh look and an icon that can stand alone as a recognizable visual in the community.

The Sabrecat

What is a school without a cool mascot? Summit needed their mascot to both fit their new brand and be something their students would be proud to represent. The new sabrecat does that with complete originality and rivals any other school mascot in the nation. Rawr!

The Sabrecub

A fierce mascot is cool when you’re in middle school but you don’t want to scare your preschoolers, right? Summit wanted to make sure every student was represented well so they requested a “less fierce” option for their younger students. Thus, the sabrecub was born. Isn’t it cute?

The Website

In this day and age, a school’s website is their biggest marketing tool and for Summit this is certainly the case. This school has so much to offer, more than what you could feasibly fit into a website. Thus, the challenge was to craft their story to fit into a website with a simple, yet captivating design and layout. This was no easy feat but the fact that Summit is actually an amazing school gave us plenty to work with. We wanted to portray their innovative philosophy of education and project-based learning throughout the entire site and give them a look and feel that would stand the test of time.

Photography and Videography

One thing that we believe is quite unique to Pelican Media is that we tackle so many aspects of digital media and marketing. We design and develop websites but we also produce professional photos and videos. It all goes back to our desire to help make businesses look their best. We believe that professional photography and videography aren’t just a cool ornamental addition to a website but that they’re actually the most important part. A picture (and video) really is worth a thousand words. For Summit, we spent a day on campus getting pictures and videos of their campus and classrooms to really tell their story in a different dimension. We also tackled fun new headshots of their staff. You can check the pictures and videos out on their website.

The Results

Summit School was already a great school long before we ever showed up. The work we’ve done with them doesn’t change that at all. But what it does do is effectively tell the Summit story to the world and gives them a platform to show people who they really are. We truly believe Summit is an exceptional place to learn and grow and know that their new brand and website will help propel them into a new era.

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