Put down your iPhone and take your photos to the next level.


We can capture structures big or small to show off unique architecture.

Head Shots

Show the world who’s on your team with brilliant headshots of your staff.


Show your customers what you’re selling with pro product photography.



Give outsiders an accurate look into your unique space, office, or shop.


Capture all the special moments of your next big event or gathering.



You do great work so let us snap photos of your team on the job.

Tell Your Story with Amazing Photographs

Sure, you’re smart phone takes photos. So does my mom’s Fujifilm camera from the 90’s. 

We know … everyone is a photographer these days. But not everyone is a story teller. We take joy in using photography to tell stories when words are not enough. After all, if you do it right, pictures really are worth a thousand words.

Great photography can add immense value to any project, business, or application. It can help you stand out in a world of average visuals and iPhone photos. Everyone wants the “wow” factor and Pelican Media loves providing it.

Our versatility allows us to tackle a wide range of photographical needs. We can help you creatively and authentically capture photos on any project or in any setting. We’ve been on construction job sites, dental offices, and classrooms. We’ve produced award-winning photographs and have been featured on the front cover of publications. We’re itching to help you capture amazing photographs!

1430 W Broadway Rd Ste 201 Tempe, Arizona 85282


1430 W Broadway Rd Ste 201

Tempe, Arizona 85282