It's time to take your digital and print communication seriously.


Share your story in a creative and tangible way with a brochure or booklet.



Secure that next project by making your proposal stand out from among the rest.


Spruce up your powerpoints and presentations with engaging design.

Business Cards

You give your business cards to everyone so make them memorable.


Communicate with your team effectively by creatively presenting info.



Billboards, web, print ads and more … we can create ads to engage your audience.

Take Your Collateral Seriously

We don’t joke about collateral. It’s serious business.

Everything has a design … just look around you. Design is everywhere and in everything. So why not take it seriously? Pelican Media can help you take all your forms of digital and print communication to the next level with our comprehensive collateral design.

You may not know it, but every presentation, proposal, and card you’ve shared with your customers and potential customers gives them a perception of your brand and your business. Are your presentations, business cards and brochures painting an accurate picture of who you are and what you do? Or is it hurting your image?

Pelican Media will help you make sure your brand is accurately represented throughout all of your marketing materials. By integrating quality photography of your projects, team, or shop with sharp and elegant design, you’ll be a step above your competition.

Please Reach Out For Work Samples

A lot of the collateral we design is confidential and cannot be shared publicly.

1430 W Broadway Rd Ste 201 Tempe, Arizona 85282


1430 W Broadway Rd Ste 201

Tempe, Arizona 85282